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FAQ - Challenge to Grow Hair Long

FAQ - Challenge to Grow Hair Long
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I Want to Grow My Hair Long. Is There Something My Stylist Can Do To Help Through This Challenging Stage?

This is a common challenge! Going from shorter hairdos to long hair has its moments! Once you have decided to grow out your hair, your best friend is your stylist. Share your long-term hair goals with him or her to get through the awkward stage without giving up and chopping it all off! Try different looks through this stage too; use a flat iron to keep growing layers at bay, wear it wavy or use minimal accessories to pin back wild tousles.


Your stylist may also use professional products to create a new look for you until your hair reaches the desired length. L'Oreal makes some well-reviewed textured products to accentuate curls, waves and straight hair.


Meeting with your stylist regularly ensures you will maintain an attractive shape as your hair grows. Don’t grow it out and then refuse to let anyone touch it for the sake of an inch or two. Also, trimming is healthy for your hair ends and although it may not grow faster, it will grow healthy and strong. Take their professional advice and give them a try! Before you know it, you’ll have long and healthy hair ready for any style.

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