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FAQ - Connection to Giving Birth and Losing Your Hair

FAQ - Connection to Giving Birth and Losing Your Hair
FAQ - Somebody Asked
Just Because I Had A Baby, Is It Normal to Be Losing My Hair?

Oh baby, no one warns you about this postpartum surprise, do they? All that thick hair you gained while you were pregnant now seems to be finding its way to your brush, instead of remaining on your head. It’s another experience you can blame on hormones, if you choose. When hair loss like this  happens it usually starts about three months after you've given birth and can last as long as a year.


There are a few things your stylist can assist you with to help. As always, a great haircut can help coverup any flaws. It also may be time to think about shorter hair, at least until your hair thickens up again, as it should. Don’t be embarrassed to visit your favourite salon and discuss what you've been seeing happen. It’s a totally common postpartum experience.


Using high quality products will also give your hair a real boost. I really like the Wella Professionals shampoos and conditioners. The Wella Elements Hair Strengthener is generally highly recommended since brushing and combing can stress your hair and pull out even more. Using a good hair strengthener helps keep your hair on your head where it belongs.

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