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FAQ - Face Shape and Choosing a Hairstyle

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FAQ - Face Shape and Choosing a Hairstyle
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Should My Face Shape Be a Consideration in Choosing a Particular Hairstyle?

Absolutely! Choosing a hairstyle that flatters your face shape will accentuate your natural features and turn heads. The basics are easy to follow and this quick guide will give you some tips to help you understand your own face shape. It will help to avoid going all in on a style and wondering why it just does not look right. Then with your stylist you can have that open discussion about the right hairstyle for you. 


In front of a mirror, pull your hair back and take a good look. You will fall into one of six face shapes: oval, round, square, oblong, diamond or heart. 

  • Oval – forehead is wider than cheeks and jawline
  • Round – forehead and jaw same profile with accentuated rounded cheeks
  • Oblong – longer face with a narrower chin than the oval face
  • Square – prominent jaw and square-shaped chin
  • Diamond – narrow for head and chin; cheeks are widest point of the face.
  • Heart – jawline and cheeks are narrower than forehead

Oval is the most forgiving shape of all; with this face type dare to be bold! But, your stylist should help to say ‘yes’ to bangs, or ‘no’ to the bob, based on these styling basics.

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